Our environment

Environmental work and policies

Buses are by far the most flexible, environment-friendly way to travel in a group!
We have the most modern buses, which means they are fitted with the latest clean technology to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Wherever possible, they run on biofuel.

Environmental policy

An environment policy covering our entire business was adopted as long ago as 1995!

A cycle-based approach and the importance of conserving nature’s and the company’s resources are natural elements of our deep-seated Småland business Culture!

The aim is to achieve a natural level of environmental awareness in day-to-day work, and as a company to strive continuously to limit our environmental impact. This is true of both our transport & travel services and our service facilities all over Sweden. Our employees are encouraged to become engaged and take their own initiative on environmental matters by means of discussions and training programmes. A cycle-based approach and the importance of conserving nature's and the company's resources are natural elements of our deep-seated Småland business culture!


We aim to achieve this by:

  • Maintaining an environmental management system that strives to achieve efficiency and continuous improvements from both an environmental and a commercial perspective. 
  • Understanding and complying with laws and other environmental requirements that apply to our products and services. 
  • Implementing a purchasing plan that strives to reduce our environmental impact by using better vehicles and fuels. 
  • Planning our journeys and applying eco-driving in order to reduce our climate impact as a consequence of reduced idling and lower fuel consumption. 
  • Striving to achieve a continuously improved, simplified handling of chemicals and waste.

Be nice to the nature - travel by bus!


We have set up high environmental goals for the coming years.

  • Carbon dioxide emissions to be cut by 10%.
  • Overall energy consumption to be cut by 3%.
  • Before 2016, all service facilities to be fitted with modern treatment processes for outgoing water.
  • We shall use less than 150 litres of water per vehicle wash.
  • All facilities to be fitted with an ozone generator with fully-automated function or comparable technology by 2016.