The business starts up in Bergkvara with two taxis and two buses.  

Bergkvarabuss to it´s roots.

Bergkvarabuss to it´s roots.

The bus company in Gräsgärde is acquired. Bergkvarabuss AB is formed. The company now has six buses.

Handicraft in Austria in the eighties
Handicraft in Austria in the eighties.

The head office is opened in Kalmar. The number of buses has risen to approx. 20.

A new facility is opened in Söderåkra.

The first public transport tender is won in Kalmar County. The company is awarded six routes.

Bergkvarabuss sets up scheduled services in Blekinge County, 14 vehicles.

The company becomes established in Germany through the acquisition of Schäfer Reisen.

Bergkvarabuss has a fleet of approx. 50 vehicles. The Polish business is founded.

Bergkvarabuss is an old familycompany with history.

First contract for Skånetrafiken, three buses in Bromölla.

Bergkvarabuss has 100 buses.

Traffic volumes expand in a number of municipalities in Southern Sweden.

Karlskrona Turistbuss is acquired.
Busscentralen i Malmö AB is acquired, and expansion continues in Skåne.
Bergkvarabuss wins a contract to operate local services in Blekinge, 40 buses.
Bergkvarabuss has 200 vehicles.

Traveller Buss AB is acquired, giving the company a platform in the Stockholm area.

Traveller Bus is adopted into the Mekka-Traffic-Family.

Traveller Bus in Stockholm is adopted into the Mekka-Traffic-Family.

Karlskrona Flygbuss is acquired.
Elite Reisen in Hamburg is acquired and integrated with Schäfer Traffic.
Bergkvarabuss AB has 300 vehicles.

A contract for 37 gas-powered buses is awarded by Lund Municipality. Eight-year agreement.
A new facility is opened in Malmö.
Allerums buss is acquired.

The biggest contract in the company’s history is concluded, consisting of 119 vehicles for Blekingetrafiken.

In a tender in Falkenberg, Bergkvarabuss wins a contract to operate 17 vehicles in the municipality.
The Öresund Terminal is opened.
Bergkvarabuss AB has 500 buses.
Seven routes for SL, Stockholm’s public transport operator.

Öresundsterminalen in Malmö

The modern busterminal in Malmö opens!

The company wins a contract for Kalmar Läns Trafik AB, 48 vehicles.
For the fifth year in succession, Bergkvarabuss is named a “gazelle company” and also retains its AAA credit rating.
The company wins a major contract for the Swedish Armed Forces.
Bergkvarabuss concludes a wide-ranging partnership agreement with the Danish company Anchersen Turistbusser ApS in Copenhagen.

A tender for school and scheduled services in Halland results in a contract involving a total of 45 vehicles. Bergkvarabuss becomes a co-owner of Swedish companies Ölvemarks/Scandorama and of Anchersen Turistbusser and Anchersen Rute in Copenhagen.
New website launched.

Bergkvarabuss with new design in Budapest

Bergkvarabuss with new design in Budapest.

New full-service depot completed in Varberg.

The company has developed with a rapid pace.

The company expands significantly with the acquisition of VL-buss in Gothenburg and Vänersborg.
Success in tender for urban and local transport services in Strängnäs, involving 27 vehicles.
Bergkvarabuss further strengthens its holding in the Anchersen companies.
Anchersen takes over routes for urban services in Copenhagen with 66 buses.
Malmö-Södervärn urban services.
Entrepreneur of the Year.
World Scout Jamboree 2011.

Scheduled services launched on Orust with 17 buses. First major contract in the West.
Launch of new transport contract, Sörmlandstrafiken (30 buses).
Ölvemarks/Scandorama acquired in full.
Anchersen opens new depot on Jernholmen.
O-ringen Halmstad.
Success in tenders in Kronoberg, Växjö urban & regional transport services (approx. 60 buses), Skånetrafiken: North East Skåne, regional transport services, 29 gas-powered buses, Kristianstad-Broby-Bromölla area.
Malmö-Trelleborg-Söderslätt, approx. 65 gas-powered buses for regional transport services.
City of Ystad and region, 21 gas-powered buses.
Renovation and expansion of Elite Traffic in Hamburg completed.

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Acquisition of Buss Persson.
Launch of Kronobergstrafiken, Växjö (60 vehicles).
O-ringen Boden.
Launch of transport services for Skånetrafiken Söderslätt, 65 buses, and Ystad, 21 gas-powered buses.
North East Skåne, regional transport services, 29 gas-powered buses.
Agreement with Blekingetrafiken extended by another X years, 122 vehicles in total.
Expansion in Kalmar completed.

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