Drivers and buses

The driver –
our face to the outside world

The bus driver is our ambassador, charged with the task of being on hand when needed.

"The busdriver makes the difference!"

A Bergkvara bus driver contributes not only to a safe journey, but also to a good atmosphere on board. Many of our experienced drivers are multilingual, which is a great reassurance for our guests.

Our drivers are trained continuously, in areas including driving & rest times, customer care and green driving.

It’s because we appreciate the importance of having competent drivers that we have set up the “Malmö Bus Drivers’ Academy” – a project to guarantee a supply of well-trained employees into the future. Want to find out more?

Our fleet

Bergkvarabuss has the right bus for every occasion – whether for a company, a school, an association or a group of friends who want to go on a trip.
Travelling by coach is safe and comfortable.

Our buses offer the highest levels of safety with the very latest technology and modern equipment.

"Our modern coaches offer you safety!"

You travel in comfort in a relaxing environment. We place great emphasis on clean, fresh, aesthetically pleasing vehicles – to make your trip into an experience.

Read more about our buses and their Equipment.